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Herculano Trailers Pack v 1.0 [SP] 1

Credits: Model FS2013: 352C Converted to Ls 2015 ingame/textures.: Gianlufarmer92 Script: Agty luke Washable: Jukka…

Single axle trailers Italian Bicchi v 2.0 [SP] 1

Credits: Model Fs 2013:352C/converted to Fs 2015: Gianlufarmer92, Script: Agry luke, Washable: Jukka

Petrolimex Trailer

Credits: [VNS] •… Ank To …•

Gaz 53 and trailer 1

Credits: kto-totutzdes, Northern_Strike, ANDREI1994, TruckerStas, Dufata