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Banjo Farms 0

Banjo Farms

FMC – Freelance Modding Crew for their gates, great job on those ya’ll. FMC  for the MultiFruitLayer Installer, sure makes it faster to put trees on the map FMC for the Parsnip, makes it...

Snow Ploug V1 0

Snow Ploug V1

This is a plow a friend made in Google Sketchup to resemble a diagonal plow to Tellefsdal. The plow do not have any functions yet, but wil come with the V2 version. V1 onley...

Newbie Farm V1 0

Newbie Farm V1

* Edit of default map * factory added (you can sell cotton, sugarbeet, soybean, mohn and here).. * Multi silo added due to so many fruit types (works in single player) * All fields...