Start Map Multifruit

Date added: May 17th, 2012

Hi. This is a great start map for those who like more experience with fruits. Smiley
* The start map have maybe too much fruits or channels.
* But if that some wrong, send me a pm. So I can maybe help with your problem.
* I have tried and tested the map, and that work well for me. Smiley

The map include Fruits :
Soybean,potato,artichoke,carrots,cotton, green beans, sunflower,
Sugarbeets,Potatoes,Standard Fruits, Hafer, beans, wild berries, tomatoes, grapes, pumpkins, onion, black berries(unsure about that works), mushroom, mohn and melons.
* So i hope this start map will help you on a better way to make a good map and improve your skills with script texting. Smiley

* Hupe1235
* Giants Software
* LS 2011
* Giants Editor

I'm div1

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